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Simon Goodson is the author of the massively popular and highly rated Wanderer’s Odyssey science fiction series, as well as the Dark Soul Silenced books and many short stories.

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12 thoughts on “Sizzling SciFi & Epic Fantasy”

  1. Read your first wanderer book, liked the story and your writing style so just got the other three.
    I think giving away the first book was a good marketing strategy as you get a taste of the story and your writing style. I would have never purchased your books otherwise, as I always purchase recommended books by friends I trust or books whose authors I am familiar with.

    1. Thanks! The free giveaway has definitely worked well for me, and I feel better knowing people only pay for my work if they like it. :-)

  2. I too received the first Wanderer as a free Nook special and quickly snapped up the remaining three! Love it and axiously await the finale. Is there a way we can receive an email once it is available or do you know of an approximate timeframe that I can check back for it?
    During my wait I have also purchased The Last Sunrise and other short stories. Loved them too!

      1. Hi Jamey,

        So glad you enjoyed them all. If you sign up for the newsletter here then you’ll be notified when the new book is ready for pre-order and again when its out. You’ll also get access to four free books (though you have Wanderer 1 and 2, but still 2 new free books) and six free short stories.

        I average about 2 to 3 mails a month to the list, though that varies from zero to 4 or 5 depending on what’s going on new book and competition wise. I’m going to do a breakdown chart soon of mails sent each month to help show that signing up doesn’t lead to spam. :-)

        And it sounds like I need to continue with my re-design of the site if it took you a while to find the progress tab. Were you looking on a mobile device or desktop computer?


  3. Hi Carlos,

    At the moment it’s looking like it’ll be near the end of the year but it’s hard to say for sure. It’s turning into a monster of a book, already significantly longer than the first two in the series and probably only halfway done.

    You can find (intermittent) updates here…


    1. Hi Carol,

      Well Wanderer 5 is well on the way, but as it’s the last in the series you might be waiting a long while for book 6! 😀

      Great to hear you’ve enjoyed them all so much. Hopefully the next book (a short story collection) will complete the editing stage soon and I can put a release date in for it, and Wanderer book 5 has just passed 150,000 words so it’s going to be a real beast when it’s finished.


  4. Been reading the first 4 books of the Wanderer! Really love them.
    I tried to subscribe to your list but I am supposed to confirm my email by clicking on a link but I never received any email with that link

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