A new short story… The Wedding Weatherman

It’s funny where inspiration comes from — in this case driving back from the girlies 3rd birthday party with James in the car.  The A14 and A12 were dark, wet and busier than normal and the rain was falling intermittently.  The one good thing was seeing all the fireworks going off as we drove home, nowhere near as many as the same time last year but still enough to lighten the evening.

But…back to the question of inspiration.  As I was driving I thought about how beautifully clear Friday night had been compared to now, and how much those planning the big events would give to be able to know months in advance exactly what the weather would be.  From there the idea of someone who could do precisely that popped into my head, someone who could tell you just what the weather would be years from now, and from there the story grew.

I had most of the outline in my head by the time we got home buy doxycycline online overnight (it’s a long drive).  The story was one of those that just has to be told, but I hadn’t realised quite how long it would be.  Four and a half hours later I finally finished it, at just short of one in the morning, having knocked out around 7500 words.  It was worth it though – I really enjoyed writing the story and I’m sure it will turn out to be popular.

The (provisional) tagline is…

 Want to know the weather tomorrow? Ask a weatherman. Want to know the weather on your possible wedding dates two years from now? Ask the Wedding Weatherman – if he will see you…and if you can afford his fee.

At the moment I’m thinking of giving it away free for a time via this website, once it’s been reviewed and edited of course.  Watch this space…


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