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Wanderer Book Five – Left to Simmer

If you’d rather listen and watch an update than read it, click here for the latest video update. Progress Update — Wanderer Book Five The big news is that Wanderer Book Five has now been put aside to simmer for a couple of months.  That gives a chance for the story to drain from my […]

Mid October 2016 Update – Wanderer Book Five and Dark Soul Book Three

It’s been quite a while since I did an update blog, though I’ve managed to do a few video updates. I’ve actually dictated a few progress blogs, but never got as far as transcribing them and they quickly became out of date. So — there’s some big news in this update.

Progress Update Early June 2016

I’ve been a little quieter than I planned recently, but there is a good reason… or, in fact, several good reasons. The first is, of course, Wanderer Book Five which has now reached 165,000 words. That means it is officially twice as long as Wanderer’s Escape, so that has kept me busy the times when […]

Wanderer Book Five Update – 6th May 2016

Here’s an update on Wanderer book five – not too bad, eh?  Especially those weeks in red… Except… if you look closely you’ll have noticed that the last date was the 29th April… which means there can’t be 5 more weeks after it. So is this my plan?  Is this what I intened to do? […]