Dark Soul – Disrupted

Dark Soul Chronicles – Book Two

Dark Soul - Disrupted

They defeated the darkness… but evil always creeps back in.

Thanks to Daniel, Sarah and Josef the town of Echtberg is now free from the powerful vampire who ruled over it for hundreds of years, but as a wave of dark magic driven attacks are unleashed on the town trust between factions is in short supply.

Despite his leading role in freeing the town, Daniel’s magical abilities lead to suspicion and outright hostility leaving him battling the fear of the townspeople as much as the attacks themselves. Daniel learns that the Ghost is behind the attacks, but who or what that is he does not know.

Can Daniel possibly protect the town and defeat the Ghost before the frightened factions in the council tear the town apart? Find out today by grabbing this action packed sequel to Dark Soul – Silenced.

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Dark Soul - Disrupted