General Apology For Slow Responses

More often than not I seem to start replies to emails, blog comments, facebook posts and other communication with a varation on “Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply.”  So I thought I’d come out of the closet and admit I’m often slow to respond, and offer an apology to anyone trying to reach me.

That isn’t to say I’m slow to read all those comments, mails etc.  I read mails on my phone and generally check the blog for comments at least every day or so.  I really appreciate all the feedback and love hearing from people.

Replying though, that takes longer for a variety of reasons.  The most obvious is time – fitting in writing alongside the family, a full time job and about three hours of commuting each day means that I always have more things to do than I have time.  Related to that is opportunity – I often read things on my phone that require more than a few words in reply.  While smartphones are great for many things, writing more than a few sentences is very tedious.  Add all that to a mind like a sieve and it can take me longer to reply than I’d like.

So please forgive me for all the slow replies and please keep the comments and other communication coming.  I really appreciate it, and I will reply to each… it might just take a few days.

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