Hellfire – Autonomy

Hellfire – Book Three

The worst has happened.

Drake has failed his crew.

They don’t know it yet, but they will soon… and when they find out things will get ugly!

As if wrestling with the life-changing disaster he’s inflicted on his crew isn’t enough, he still has the Phoenix Conglomerate and a powerful pirate fleet both pursuing him and the Dagger.

Both know the crystal in his possession is linked to bringing new hellships into existence.  He would rather die than let either get their hands on it.

With darkness everywhere, Drake has only one option left… one which risks him becoming something far worse than any of his enemies.  Can he resist the dark temptation?  Or will he give in, dooming himself and his crew to darkness forever?

Will he survive?  Grab Hellfire – Autonomy today and find out!

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