June 2015 Roundup

Here’s the June 2015 Roundup, fashionably late as always… 🙂

Writing Updates & Competitions

Short Stories & Wanderer Book Five

So what am I doing with all my spare time now Wanderer Book Four is with my editor?  Well I’ve been really busy writing!  I’ve started developing a new sci-fi universe (the Starflare Universe) and have createed two short stories in that universe.  The first, called Ghost Starship, is about 14,500 words and the second, called Fuel Pressure, is almost 1,700 words…


I Can’t Stop Writing

I can’t stop writing!  Well, that’s a fairly normal statement for me anyway so let me refine it – I can’t stop writing short stories.  I think that it may be partly the freedom of being between novels, but in the past couple of weeks I have written…


Wanderer Book Four – Editing Update

My editor is aiming to finish with Wanderer Book Four by this Friday!  That’s a little later than I’d estimated on the timeline (copied below), but that was part of the reason for putting the timeline together – so that I could make more accurate predictions in the future.

Free Stories

Subscribe to get an Exclusive Free Short Story

Want an exclusive free short story?  All you have to do to get Fuel Pressure (a Starflare Universe story) is subscribe to one of the mailing lists (or all three if you fancy it) over at the subscription page


The Wedding Weatherman – Free Short Story now in eReader Form

The free short story The Wedding Weatherman is now available in eReader form, as well as pdf.  That means you can get it on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad or other device of your choice.


EverYoung – A Complete Short Story in a Post

Something a little special today – a complete short story in a post.  Not just any short story either, this is one of my earliest but  is still great fun.  It’s from about five or six years ago and I copied it from a notebook today (it was before I switched to a laptop for writing) leaving it pretty much as it was originally.  It is a bit rough in places but I wanted to leave it in its original form…


Audiobook Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey on audiobooks (not filled it in?  It’s still open, just click here…)  – here are the results so far, along with my thoughts…


Competition Prize Survey

With Wanderer Book Four on its way and the total number of books I’ve sold closing in on 20,000 I can feel the need for a new competition.  The question is… what prizes do you really, really want?  And the way to get the answer is a survey of course!


Stunning New Website Banner

The website now has a stunning new banner, courtesy of laylarosesweet@fiverr.  I love the new look, and if you follow my facebook page you’ll see a similar banner there.

Not tried fiver?  It’s a great site…



Gravity Lights – Change A Life.  Really.

Something serious for a change, but something that is not only an exceptionally good cause it’s also incredibly cool and almost sci-fi like.

What is it?  Gravity Light 2 – a cheap to make light that runs on just gravity, and replaces extremely dangerous kerosene lamps with open flames for the worlds poorest people…


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