March & April 2015 Roundup

OK – this is very overdue, it’s almost time for the May roundup, but better late than never…

General Updates & Competitions

Writing Progress Update – March 2015

“Wanderer Book Four remains tucked up and untouched to allow me some space before I do a complete re-read and edit.  The current plan is to pick it up again at the start of May.
The next book I’m working on has the codename Darkest Edge at the moment…


Wanderer Book Four Timeline!

“The question I know most of you are asking is… when will Wanderer Book Four be out.  Well the image below answers that… roughly.  All timings are estimates but it’s looking like a mid September release.
Click on the image to see a larger version…”


Winners of the Big, Big Competition

“Thanks to everyone who entered into the big, big competition.  It’s been great seeing so many messages and knowing so many people were keen to win the prizes.  As it’s traditional to say, unfortunately not everyone could win – but here’s who did…”


Story Background

Wanderer – How Ali Started Out as a Bad Girl (SPOILER ALERT)

“In case you missed the big red warning above, this article contains some spoilers for Wanderer’s Escape, but there are no spoilers for the rest of the books in the series…”


 Wanderer – But Jess is a Girl’s Name!

“Before I get hate order doxycycline hyclate online mail and start being haunted by the ghost of the outlaw Jesse James, let me quickly say this was something my son said to me a year or so back – and he’s young enough that you can’t send him hate mail.  I’ve seen one or two review comments along similar lines…”



 Wanderer’s Escape Audiobook Survey

“Something that’s rattling around my head at the moment is to try out publishing Audiobooks – initially for Wanderer’s Escape and then, if that’s successful, for the rest of my books.
It’s a big step and I’d really appreciate your help…”


Writing In Code

If You Want To Be An Author Then Just Write

“One really cool thing about having become a reasonably successful author is… well the fact that I have managed to make it to being reasonably successful!

Sorry, that chain of thought went a little off course.  So, one other really cool thing about being reasonably successful as an author, and as a self-published author at that, is the number of people it inspires to have a go at writing themselves…”


Book & Game Reviews

Life Is Strange – Game Based Storytelling At Its Best

“I’ve been playing computer games a long time, a very long time, so finding a game that completely blows me away is a surprise.  Life is Strange did just that, and then some…”


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