It’s been quite a while since I did an update blog, though I’ve managed to do a few video updates. I’ve actually dictated a few progress blogs, but never got as far as transcribing them and they quickly became out of date. So — there’s some big news in this update.

The biggest news is that the first self-edit of Wanderer Book Five is complete. That means there’s just the technical review to complete before I put the book down and take a break from it. That technical side includes spellchecking, grammar checking and running it through my own custom tool the spot various other problems.

Then I’ll leave the book for a couple of months. Towards the end of that time I’m going to reread the first four Wanderer books to make sure there’s no loose ends I missed. I’m aiming to pick up book five again around mid December, and will be aiming to send it to my editor in January.

After that I need to make any changes the editor flags, send it to the proofreader, make more changes, send it to the beta readers, make even more changes, and then… finally… it will be ready for release. I don’t have an exact date yet but once it reaches my editor be putting a more robust timeline in place.

The other big news is that I’m working my way through Dark Soul Silenced books one and two. That’s partly to spruce them up a bit, as my writing has improved greatly the three years since I wrote those two books, and partly so I can immerse myself in the Dark Soul world again. Once I’ve finished with the two books I’ll start mapping out the story for Dark Soul three in a lot more detail, and then start on the book… which I can’t wait for.

That’s about it for now, though there’s a number of other projects and working on in the background which will come to fruition over the next few months to a year. More on those when there’s more to say.

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