My New Earworm is Sunset on the Golden Age by Alestorm

I’ve been listening to something new while writing recently – the album Sunset on the Golden Age by Alestorm. It’s an interesting, and I suspect unique, musical style – heavy metal pirate music.

I know, it sounds strange, but actually it works brilliantly well. The music is very well written and played and the lyrics are catchy, clever and often very funny. The song which hooked me is called Drink, a song about stealing beer and rum. Wooden Leg is also very funny, as is hangover. Some of the other tracks are more serious but no less fun.

Some of the songs, especially the three I mentioned above, would be perfect for a live show. I can just imagine a crowd screaming them out. So I did a quick search to find out if Alestorm are touring… and found that they’re supporting Sabaton, who I’ve already got tickets for. Result!

Get the album @ Amazon

Listen to the album @ Spotify

Find out more about the band


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