New House, New Books… and 100 Sales!

It’s been a very eventful four weeks(ish) since the last post.  First up is the news that today I reached the magical number of 100 sales.  I am truly amazed, and incredibly pleased.

So far this month I have sold 60 copies of Wanderer’s Escape, and picked up several reviews on Amazon.  When I reached 50 sales it was a wonderful feeling, but I was sure 100 would be a long way off.  Instead of tailing off sales have been steadily ticking along and if anything increasing over time.  It is incredibly exciting checking the sales numbers several times a day (not to mention quite addictive).

As if that wasn’t enough excitement I’ve also moved house.  Huge thanks to my parents, to Sue and to James for the massive amount of help they all gave.  The new house feels like a home already, though one with a large number of boxes still to be unpacked.

Last, but not least, I finished the first draft of Dark Soul Silenced – part two just before moving.  I am busily working through it now tightening, correcting, cutting and adding.  Hopefully it will be ready for review within the next couple of weeks, at which point I will return to part one to carry out the the final editing.  There is still lots of work to be done, including finding the cover images and designing the covers, but the two books are definitely coming along quickly.  More news on them to follow…

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