The Seventh Question

The Seventh Question is a series of interviews with authors, starting with six normal questions and leading into the Seventh Question.  What is the Seventh Question?  It’s something that should lead to some interesting, and possibly weird, answers.  It is…

What question do you wish people would ask you, and what is the answer you’d give?

…and the answers are fascinating!

The Interviews

9) A. Gavazzoni
“Did you like the movie Universal did based on your novel?”
Lawyer, professor of law and fluent in four languages, A.Gavazzoni loves all the animals of the world… except rats!

8) Amie Irene Winters
“Besides writing, how do you spend your time?”
Writer by day, kickboxer by night, Amie Irene Winters is a sucker for spooky things, geeky movies, and super cute animals. She’s also the author of the Strange Luck series.

7) Barbara G. Tarn
“What does it feel like to write in a second language? Do you miss writing in your mother tongue?”
An Italian sci-fi fantasy author who now writes her books in English first!

6) Scott Keen
“What was something you cut from the book in the editing process that was very painful?”
A college English instructor, no less!

5) Renee Scattergood
“Unlike some people, I wasn’t actually afraid of failing. I was afraid of success”
Inspired by dreams!

4) Roger Lawrence
“Can I read your work to my class because I love your writing.”
King of many genres!

3) Kaye Kauffman
“I’d love it if someone asked me if I’d like to borrow their time turner.”
Poetry, scary stories and more!

2) Joleene Naylor
Do you think your vampire novels are ridiculous?
Dark, bloodthirsty vampires ahead.  You have been warned!

1) Mark Hunter
“Do you mind if I give you some cash for your books?”
From the same author who bought all the Harry Potter books!  That’s what he says anyway…


Authors – Want to be Interviewed?

If you’re an author and you’d like the chance to ask, and answer, your own Seventh Question then please get in touch via this form.

I’m particularly interested in interviewing speculative fiction authors (SciFi, Fantasy, Horror as long as it doesn’t scare me too much, etc) but I’m happy to feature anyone who’s got an interesting take on the questions.

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