Pre-Order Wanderer – Origins on Kindle NOW!

Kindle Pre-Order is Here

Wanderer – Origins, book 4 in the series, is available to pre-order on Kindle right now – just click here to see it in your local store (US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia or Japan – defaults to US otherwise).

Why pre-order the book?  Well one reason is to ensure you get it the moment it’s available.  Need another reason?  OK – if you pre-order you’ll save around 25% on the price (US price) and around 20% to 25% in other regions too.  Wanderer – Origins will return to full price on the day of its release so lock in the savings now.


The exact amount varies due to differences in currencies and in the pricing bands Amazon allows, but taking two examples:

  • Pre-order at and get the book for $2,99, down from $3.99 – a saving of 25%!
  • Pre-order at and get the book for £1.99, down from £2.49 – a saving of 20%!

So don’t miss out, click here to pre-order today!

Nook, iTunes and Kobo

I’ve also submitted the book for pre-order at Nook, iTunes and Kobo.  Once processing is complete and they are available I’ll put up another post.  For those stores the price in all regions is based off the  USD cost so the pre-order savings should be about 25%, but that is subject to confirmation.


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  1. Mary Dulaney

    Yay! I just pre-ordered it! I think I’ll go back & re-read the first 3 in preparation.

  2. Simon Goodson

    Thanks Mary! I think I’m as excited at seeing pre-orders on my sales page as people seem to be at getting their hands on the new book!



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