Sideloading – or Adding Books To Your Reader Manually

Many eReaders are tightly linked to the manufacturers store.  Kindle’s are a great example – buying a book from Amazon is easy and it appears on your Kindle automatically.  What if you get a book from somewhere else though?  Maybe you won a signed eBook  from one of my competitions, or you got a voucher to get a discounted or free book from Smashwords.  How do you get that  onto your Kindle, or iPad or Nook or…

It’s actually very easy.  The process is known as Sideloading, and if you have ever copied a file onto or off of a USB drive you already know nearly everything you need to know.


Sideloading Overview

The section below will have details on how to sideload for specific eReaders.  This section covers the general process as an introduction.

1)  Pick the Right File Format

For Kindle you need a file in Mobi format.

For pretty much everything else (Nook, Apple, Kobo etc) you need an ePub cheap doxycycline uk format file.

I’m not aware of any widely used readers that don’t use either Mobi or ePub but please let me know if you have one.

2)  Connect Your eReader to the Computer

This will be slightly from a PC slant as that’s what I have.  The process for MAC or Linux should be similar but there may be some slight variations.

Use a USB lead to connect your eReader to the Computer.  It should be detected as a disk drive in the same way as a camera or USB drive.

3)  Open the eReader’s Drive

Using File Explorer (or your OS’s equivalent) open the eReader drive.  Navigate to the correct location (see links in next section) and just copy the eBook file across.


Links Explaining How To Sideload

Here are some excellent links explaining how to sideload to various devices.

Detailed instructions…

Quick instructions…

Great links to sideloading videos, for those who prefer watching instructions to reading them…


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