Slightly Scary Reminder to Clean PCs Regularly

We all know we should run full virus scans and anti-malware scans regularly, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that sometimes leaves it a while and relies on my antivirus software.  Sure it does quick scans but still… it takes more than that to keep your PC clean these days.

I had a reminder of that today when my file explorer suddenly started reloading its content every few seconds.  I noticed it because it interrupted file renames, resetting to the original name when I was part way through typing.  A reboot didn’t fix anything.

On a hunch I ran a thorough malware scan using MalwareBytes which unearthed a scary number of issues considering I last ran it only about two months back.  After running that and a full antivirus scan, plus rebooting, the issue disappeared.

I’ve now set the malware scanner to run regularly, and I’ll probably add a second piece of software doing the same thing to catch anything the first misses (no matter how good they are, they seem to have occasional blindspots).

So please remember to check your PCs.  There are several great and free anti-malware scanners out there, and of course you should ALWAYS have a good anti-virus running.

If you have a mac and you’re feeling smug then be careful – a number of exploits are appearing on macs too.  In theory they are tougher to crack than PCs but the evidence is now pointing to the fact that apple’s smaller share of the market meant it wasn’t worth the effort to go after macs, and that that is now changing – so make sure you keep up to date with the latest developments.



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