Wanderer Book Five Update – 6th May 2016

Here’s an update on Wanderer book five – not too bad, eh?  Especially those weeks in red…Words Week 6th May 2016

Except… if you look closely you’ll have noticed that the last date was the 29th April… which means there can’t be 5 more weeks after it.

So is this my plan?  Is this what I intened to do?  No – that’s what I wrote during FIVE DAYS on a writing holiday down in the South of France (well, technically the first and last days were spent writing on the trains getting there / back).

What this actually means is that Wanderer book five jumped from 103,000 words to over 135,400 in those 5 days – a truly amazing 32,000 words.  So does that mean it’s finished?  No.  Is it nearly finished?  No.  Is it a lot closer to being finished than it was?  Definitely!

Seriously, it has moved the story on a long way, but there’s still a lot to go.  It’s getting there though… and I’m hoping to keep getting four or five thousand words a week done now.  The writing trip really helped me power through the mid-book pain point and I’ve got a lot of enthusiasm.  I’m not at the end, but it’s starting to come into sight.









  1. Dennis Lee

    Truly amazing !!!
    Any idea when you might consider preorders?

    • Simon Goodson

      Hi Dennis,

      Once the editing is finished I can talk to my proofreader and get an exact schedule out, until then it’s too open to changes and Amazon don’t let you change the date once it’s set (and they limit it to 3 months ahead).

      So once I finally sort out the last few editing issues for the new short stories book I’ll get around to setting a date for that! Don’t worry, Wanderer 5 won’t drift like that has. It’s kind of a side-project with my main focus being on the last Wanderer book.



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