Wanderer Book Three – Update

It’s well past time for an update on the latest book in the Wanderer series, so here it is.  I’m expecting to finish the first draft in the next couple of weeks. It’s just over 120,000 words already and I think it will come in at around 130,000. That’s getting on for half as long again as Wanderer – Echoes of the Past, though I’m sure the word count will be trimmed down a bit before it reaches the final draft.

Then there will be three or four weeks of hard work finding all the technical issues (too many spaces, missing end quotes and other fun things) and rereading / reviewing the manuscript several times at least.

Then… I leave it. For long enough that I can come back and look at it with fresh eyes. Like coding, if you spend too long staring at a story you read what you know it should say, not what it actually does.  I expect that downtime to be a couple of months.

Then it will take a couple of weeks to work through it again and iron out any issues I’ve spotted, after which it goes to my editor. Given how long the story is she may take three or four weeks editing it.

Now… this is where a few people will get their hands on the manuscript early.  I want to get it out to some beta readers, both existing and new, probably at the same time it goes to the editor.  I’ll post details of what I need from beta readers and how to volunteer sometime in January.

So – the book comes back from editing and beta reading.  Hopefully the things that have been spotted take only a week or two to put right.  Then there’s another week or two wrestling with the cover design, the story description and other fun last minute things.  And finally deciding on the title of course.  Then it goes live on Kindle. And I have a few beers.

So the tentative release date will be April or May next year. I’ll be able to get a much better estimate closer to the time. Sorry that it’s so far off.  I was expecting it to be ready or nearly ready by Christmas, but its turned out to be much longer than the previous two.  The good news is you will be getting to know an awful lot more of the Wanderer universe this time around and… well, just and. No spoilers I’m afraid.

The other bit of good news is that the two months downtime between the main checks and my final review won’t be wasted. I intend to start on the fourth (and possibly final) Wanderer book in that time. At the moment I don’t know if everything will fit in one more book but I do have a very clear idea of where the story is going. And I am REALLY excited.

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