Wanderer’s Odyssey – Books 1 to 3

The Epic Science Fiction Series Begins

Wanderer's Odyssey - Books 1 to 3

An ancient starship just woke up. A young slave just became its captain…

Jess has been a prisoner his entire life. He’s watched his fellow slaves visit boobytrapped ships for weeks. None of them ever came back alive. When Jess gets orders to clear the next ship, he knows he’s about to die a prisoner…

After the mothballed ship comes alive at his touch, Jess discovers the Wanderer has its own consciousness and that he’s the one in control. As he and the ship hightail it out of the imperial stronghold, freedom comes at a cost. Now he’s the most wanted fugitive in the galaxy, and ruthless pirates, desperate miners, and a complicated beauty are all chasing him down…

One wrong move could put Jess and the Wanderer back in shackles, but if they can survive their freedom, they may just have the power to save the Universe…

These are the first three installments in a series of rollicking space opera novels. If you like epic space battles, sentient spacecraft, and heartfelt tales of a boy and his ship, then you’ll love Simon Goodson’s amazing tale.

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Wanderer's Odyssey - Books 1 to 3