Want to write a book? Then just do it!

September will mark the one year anniversary of publishing my first book, Last Sunrise & Other Stories.  It’s been an amazing year full of surprises.

One of those surprises is the number of people I know, or talk to, who either are writing a book or would love to write one.  In a few cases seeing what I’d done was the tipping point, pushing them towards self publishing themselves.  In many others it becomes one more thing moving them closer to that tipping point.

I often hear variations on “I’d love to write a story, but I’m just not good enough.”  My advice is always the same – just write it.  Who cares if it isn’t that good?  Either refine it over time, or write something else buy doxycycline for dogs using the lessons you’ve learnt.  You have nothing to lose.  JUST WRITE IT.  Go on!  What are you waiting for?

Then of course there’s the worries even after you choose to publish.  Will it sell?  Will it only sell a few?  Will it sell well for a few weeks then die off?  A recent blog on the Creative Penn addresses the question of measuring success far better than I can.  It’s aimed at indie authors, but I think the message is just as important for those thinking of self publishing.  Read the blog here…


So whether you have a manuscript hidden under your pillow, or the gleam of an idea you’ve never written down, just give it a go.  What have you got to lose?


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