A new novel

With ‘Wanderer’s Escape’ written and the first full read through completed it’s time to step away from it for a couple of weeks, not to mention letting my chief victim… ahem… proof reader and sanity checker get to work on it.

Rather than taking a well earned break I’ve jumped straight in on the next book.  I wasn’t sure if I’d feel like writing much after the burst of energy that saw ‘Wanderer’s Escape’ finished, but I spent my full lunch hour happily writing and then was rushing to pack the laptop away at the end of my commute home because I wanted to get just a little more down.  Always a good sign.

So what is the new story?  Well it’s actually not completely new.  The short story ‘Last Sunrise’ was always going to become the start of a novel and that’s what I’m now working on.  The start of the novel will be the original short story, hopefully without any changes from the original for consistency but that depends on where the story goes.  One thing I learnt from ‘Wanderer’s Escape’ was that rules and background that make sense at the start of a novel can be horribly restrictive later on, meaning the early text has to be changed around.  At the moment I can’t see anything in the original ‘Last Sunrise’ story that will trip me up but time will tell.

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  1. Sue

    Just finished the first read through of Wanderers escape….. brilliant! Hoping this is the first in a series as I want more! Fabulous Simon, loved it!!


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