I’m an IT consultant specializing in support and development.  I have a son who is now a teenager and two daughters who are now at school, all of which I find amazing. Like most parents it feels like only yesterday they were in nappies and learning to talk.

I’ve always built stories in my head. I can remember walking home from school on many occasions playing with ideas and seeing where they led to.  If I’m honest there was a fair bit of that done in school as well, just don’t tell the kids.  Somehow I still came out with pretty good grades so I must have been paying attention some of the time.

At some point over the past few years I started to write my stories down. More stories followed and then I finally took the plunge of letting others see them – an amazingly difficult thing to do. The feedback was very positive which gave me the confidence to push on – to polish the existing stories and create new ones. Several months of hard work later and my first book has been published – Last Sunrise & Other Stories.

Next came the science fiction novel Wanderer’s Escape which has been received amazingly well for a first novel.  The two fantasy books comprising Dark Soul Silenced followed next and while not as successful as Wanderer’s Escape they have still been well received.  I returned to the Wanderer series for the next two books, Wanderer – Echoes of the Past and Wanderer – Tainted Universe.  The reception for both has been amazing and I’m frequently being asked when the next book will be out – all I can say right now is that I’m working hard on it.

When I first started most of my stories developed as I wrote them, even with the short stories I often didn’t know what the ending would be or while writing the story ended up somewhere completely different than I expected.  That made the journey as interesting for me as (I hope) it was for anyone reading them.  As the number of characters and story arcs increased I found that changing.  First I had the story outline far further ahead in my head than before, then I started to write it down as a flow chart.  That’s not to say everything is planned ahead – far from it, and things change frequently when I actually get to writing those sections.  For me that keeps the stories fresh and exciting and I hope that comes through in the writing.

My short stories cross a number of genres, from Sci Fi to Fantasy and into spooky ghost stories and supernatural themes – sometimes a single story includes elements from several genres.  Future short stories will definitely follow that pattern.  Novels may too, but with the Wanderer series to finish off and lots of ideas for the third Dark Soul book that’s a long way off.