All change…

Sorry there have been no posts for a while.  The site was being moved to a new host, which is now complete.  Fingers crossed the new one won’t charge four or five times as much for the second year!

There will be a new post within a few days announcing another great deal so keep your eyes open.

For anyone desperately waiting for the third Wanderer’s Odyssey book there is good and bad news.  The good news is it is progressing well and will be longer than the first two – 90,000 words already.  The bad news is that means it will be longer before it’s available.  It really should be worth the wait tough – I’m loving the story and where it is heading.



  1. Ben

    is there a timeline on the sequel by any chance?

    Just finished reading #1 and 2 for the third time through. love them!

    • Simon Goodson

      Good question. I need to post an update here, but roughly speaking…

      I’m expecting to finish the first draft in the next couple of weeks. It’s just over 120,000 words already and I wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches 130k to 140k. That would make it almost twice as long as Wanderer – Echoes of the Past, though I’m sure it will be trimmed as I review it.

      Then there will be three or four weeks of hard work finding all the technical issues (too many spaces and other fun things) and rereading and reviewing the manuscript several times at least.

      Then… I leave it. For long enough that I can come back and look at it with fresh eyes. Like coding, if you spend too long staring at a story you read what you know it should say, not what it actually does. This will probably be a couple of months.

      Then a couple of weeks to iron out any issues I’ve spotted and it goes to my editor. Given how long the story is that might take three or four weeks.

      Now… this is where a few people will get their hands on the manuscript early. Either when it goes to the editor, or once I get the feedback and make updates (I need to decide which), I want to get it out to some beta readers. More details will be posted here probably in January but you’ve definitely qualified if you are still interested.

      Then there’s a week or two wrestling with the cover design, the story description and other such fun things. And finally it goes live. And I have a few beers.

      So the tentative release date will be April or May next year. I’ll be able to get a much better estimate closer to the time. Sorry that it’s so far off, but you will be getting to know an awful lot more of the Wanderer universe this time around and… well, just and. No spoilers I’m afraid. 🙂

      The other bit of good news is that the two months downtime won’t be wasted. I intend to start on the fourth (and possibly final) Wanderer book in that time. At the moment I don’t know if everything will fit in one more book but I do have a very clear idea of where the story is going. And I am REALLY excited.


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