And the winner is…

Congratulations to Mike K. for winning the signed copy of Wanderer’s Escape.  In the end there were 40 entries in total which is pretty good going.  The book will be on its way just as soon as I find something suitable to protect it in and get it down to the post office.

The winner was chosen at random by RaffleCopter, and you can see the winner details by following the link..

I have to apologise for the broken link in the last blog update for the competition.  I was certain I’d checked it but clearly not.  Checking back it was a simple mistake – WordPress had added to the start of the url which made it invalid.  In case anyone missed out because of that issue I plan to run the same competition in a month or two’s time (possibly not a signed copy, to be confirmed) and I will triple check the links.

Thanks to everyone who entered and I’ll be running similar giveaways for the other books once they make it into print (watch this space for news on that…)


  1. Mike K

    Thanks Simon! I’m looking forward to showing it off to all my bibliophile friends 🙂

  2. Mike K

    Received! Can’t wait for the movie to drive up the ebay price! (Just kidding… about ebay, not the movie.)

    • Simon Goodson

      Love it. I tell you what, if a movie of Wanderer’s Escape hits the cinemas I’ll send you an extra signed copy to stick on eBay!

      A movie really would be amazing. My fiancée and I have jokingly talked about that a few times. Then we realise that where I am now is something we joked about not that long ago and we think maybe, just maybe, it will happen one day. 🙂


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