Are you human?

As many of you know, to add comments here you need to pass the “Am I Human” test.  This involves playing a small game which should be impossible for an automated program to solve but easy for a human.  I think it is much better to use than the Captcha tests which often seem impossible to decipher.  The alternative, having no filter, isn’t feasible as I was getting fifty or more spam comments a day.

I’ve had no problems with “Am I Human” but someone recently got in touch to say they had.  That got me to thinking that if there were problems I probably wouldn’t hear as they would stop someone leaving a comment.  So…

If you’ve had problems with the Human test when leaving a comment:

1)  Consider using the refresh (circle with an arrow) icon to change the game if you’re not sure what to do.  I’ve had the occasional one where that applied.

2)  If you still have issues please let me know directly using one of these two methods:

Hopefully it’s not a widespread problem given how many comments do get posted but I want to try and stamp it out completely.  Thanks for the help.


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