Audiobook Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey on audiobooks (not filled it in?  It’s still open, just click here…)  – here are the results so far, along with my thoughts…

Question One


This one was interesting – I’ve not got into audiobooks (yet) myself and I’d wondered whether there was any crossover between those who listened and those who read eBooks.  It turns out there is – a quarter of you listen to eBooks often, and another thirty-five percent listen from time to time.

Question Two


This was one of the big questions I had – would anyone be interested in an audiobook version of Wanderer’s Escape?  The aim would be to get new readers/listeners too of course but getting some initial downloads and reviews would be important to getting the ball rolling.  With over a quarter of you saying you’d definitely buy it I know the audiobook is something worth pursuing.

Question Three


I threw this one in to see the response and it’s interesting, but having given recording a try I think a whole book would be beyond me.  Thanks for the vote of confidence from those who said yes though!

Question Four


Now this is something I can manage, and it seems to be pretty popular too.  I’ll definitely do something along these lines sometime soon.

Question Five


Not really a surprise considering where the survey was hosted, but nice to see anyway.


So what have I learnt?  Well, there’s definitely enough interest in an audiobook version of Wanderer’s Escape to make it worth doing.  There’s a lot of work involved in getting the venture up and running and I have a few ideas on how to take it forwards, I’m going to let them simmer for a couple of months then probably do whatever feels like a good idea at the time.

Thanks to everyone who took part, and if you didn’t then there’s still time, just head over to the survey.

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