Book Promotion Site Review: Freebooksy

Another site that has given me great results is Freebooksy (who also run BargainBooksy).  Their promotions run at the more expensive end of those available, but I have had large numbers of downloads when using them and have found them to be another excellent company to deal with.

Useful Info

Please read the disclaimer!

For information on how I breakdown the effectiveness of sites please see the main page here.


Type of Promotion  Free eBooks
Has Categories Yes – many
Price Range  $40 to $100 (more for series promotions)


Total Downloads

Wanderer’s Escape

All the promotions provided a significant number of downloads, and the most recent has been the best by far – despite having soaked up a number of likely readers during the earlier promotions.  The blank column is because I ran the promotion just after Bookbub so couldn’t distinguish the effect Freebooksy had from Bookbub.



Dark Soul Silenced – Part One

Dark Soul Silenced – Part One also did very well on the two times it was used – looking at this chart I realised I need to resubmit it as it’s been a long time since the last promotion.



Downloads / Dollar

Wanderer’s Escape

While not stellar, the numbers are pretty consistent and do jump up a lot in April of 2016.



Dark Soul Silenced – Part One

The first promotion was very successful.  The second was good, but not as stellar – part of this will be down to the amount spent, and part because I think I went for a more flashy promotion option which may have backfired.




Freebooksy is definitely a site to check out.  It’s not cheap so I’d suggest honing your adverts on other sites, but once you’re happy with what you’re doing it could be a good move.

While the free downloads per dollar numbers are a little on the light side, it’s important to remember that the overall number of ebooks being given away are high which is also an important indicator.

Getting 10 downloads per dollar, but only spending a dollar and so getting only 10 downloads is great value but isn’t going to gain you many new readers!


These statistics are based on my own promotions, and do not represent controlled experiments. They are an indication of what has worked, and hasn’t worked, for me. Results will vary for other people. Results will also change over time, and depending on how frequently you run promotions. These results are provided as is and do not represent recommendations or advice.

Please also remember that my books are science-fiction and fantasy, and so that results will vary if you publish in other genres.

Some results are also skewed where several promotions have been run close together. This is especially true when promotions were run after a Bookbub promotion, in many cases I haven’t entered any results at those times as the numbers are too difficult to estimate.

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