Book Review: Alterworld – Play to Live

This book was great, but I’m still scratching my head over how it managed to be so good. This was more than just a story about someone immersing themselves permanently in an MMO (online game). It spent lots of time dealing with the mechanics of that world and the details of items, buffs, stats and other game related stuff. That’s a recipe for a really dull book… but somehow the author made it interesting, fascinating even.

The characters are vivid and well developed. The virtual world feels cohesive and real, with glimpses of a much darker side showing through from time to time. The only downside I can see is that it might not appeal to true non-gamers. While I’m not hooked on MMOs I have played quite a few and I’ve been a gamer for far too many years so most of the terminology was familiar to me. That said, even if you aren’t into games I think this is well worth checking out.

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