Book Review – Slightly Off The Mark

This book is a delight from start to finish. It had me smiling many times and laughing out loud on a few occasions. The author’s laid back, ironic delivery and wide variety of topics means he hits the mark far more often than the title suggests.

Want some examples? How about…

“How could you think I’m superficial, just because I wrote an entire newspaper column that’s all about me?”

Life without a Fire Department… or, Who ya’ gonna call? Don’t mock me, I was younger then.”

“27% believe in reincarnation… When hypnotists start doing regressions to past lives and hear ‘Wait, I’m just an unknown teenage British Sailor! And I’m dying of Typhoid!’ Then I’ll rethink my stance.”

… and many more that I was too busy laughing at to make a note of.

Please note that know the author through an online writing group. That hasn’t influenced my review in any way, but is mentioned for full disclosure.

Get your copy now from Amazon US or Amazon UK (kindle or physical book).

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  1. Mark R Hunter

    Thanks for the review — it’s much appreciated!


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