Dark Soul Silenced

Dark Soul Chronicles – Book One

Dark Soul Silenced - Parts 1 & 2

A hunted girl. A marked soul. Will he choose redemption or damnation?

Daniel can barely control his aching bloodlust. The newly-made vampire’s diminishing humanity compels him to fight off the cravings and let sunlight incinerate his abominable flesh. But when the soft light of dawn takes his darkness instead, Daniel is left with incredible powers and no memory of who he used to be…

After helping a family fight off bandits, he discovers a girl with dark abilities of her own. In a world where magic is a death sentence, Daniel must help them ward off witchhunters while convincing his allies that he’s regained his soul. But with their persecutors closing in, can the reformed vampire protect the magical girl or will his darker nature destroy them all?

Dark Soul Silenced is an epic fantasy crafted in a medieval world. If you like vampires with teeth, complicated characters, and evil with a twist, then you’ll love Simon Goodson’s imaginative saga.

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Books In This Series

Dark Soul Silenced - Parts 1 & 2

Dark Soul - Disrupted