Dear Dad, by Doug

One of the things that has surprised me in my writing journey is the fact I’ve made some great new friends from across the globe.  Being a friend is about sharing the good times, but it’s also about sharing the bad times.  That’s what this post is about.

Doug and I started chatting after he won a prize in one of my draws, and he’s since become one of my beta readers, part of the action group and a good friend.  Sadly, Doug’s father passed away recently.  One of the ways Doug has been dealing with the loss is to write a poem to his dad.  He asked if I would share it here, and I’m more than happy to…

Dear Dad

There is so many memories we all have of you in life

Some sad with many sweet times of where we would talk

You were a man imperfect as all us humans yet your my Dad

We had our times where we did not see things the same

Other times we did agree with each other.

I still remember our last glass of whiskey years ago

Ten years has flown by us all since you and I enjoyed doxycycline buy online india that time

Age and illnesses ravaged you in your later years

Became a part who you were late in life not what you are or were

I remember you for you, what you stood for, how you worked to support us

How mother and you were there for us 7 children. Always there ready to love

We all miss you have our memories good and bad.

There will be sorrow and unhappiness that we deal with united as a family

We will also be dealing with your loss as individuals too life goes on for the living

You and mother have created a legacy of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

This is a accomplishment I will never have in this world.

Dad i love you and I am so proud you are my father

You will missed but in faith there is hope Dad. Missing you so much!

Hurting but and crying but time and God will help ease this for us all!

Caio Dad until we see each other again

Copyright 11/6/2016 by Doug Wetterling aka wolfen.  Reproduced here with his kind permission.




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