Do You Want to Join The Action Group?

For some time now I’ve had an action group, a small group of people who love my books providing feedback, advice, support and more. The idea proved to be a great success, my decision to host the group on Google+… not so much. So I’m moving the group over to Facebook, and I’m asking for more people to come join up.

Why join the group? Well, it’s where beta readers will be drawn from (priority given to those who’ve done it before) and advanced reviewers will also be chosen from there. That means you’ll have a chance to see new books earlier than anyone else can. You’ll also get the chance to see things like covers early, and to help shape my stories by giving feedback on those already published. That’s going to be exceptionally important as I work on finishing the final book in the Wanderer series.

Interested? Great! Please use this contact form to let me know, and tell me what excites you about being part of the group.

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