Please see the disclaimer and methodology sections below.



This series of articles is going to cover various free book promotion sites I’ve used – that is sites where you can advertise free books.

Most of the sites either charge a fee or charge for premium placement, though I intend to re-visit the truly free sites in future.

Some of these sites I’ve been using for a couple of years have changed significantly over that time, in many cases from single category to genre specific categories.

Please read the disclaimer below – these are my results from my testing, which has not been scientific, so they are an indication of the results you may be able to achieve but are not a definite indicator of what you will get.



In some cases there will be gaps in the data especially when I’ve run several promotions close together and am uncertain which to attribute the downloads to.  In other cases where I have some close together I have averaged the results based partly on the results I’d seen before – so again, they are an indication and are not precise in terms of methodology.

The breakdowns will show the number of downloads I believe I received across all the sites I have my books on (Kindle, Apple, Nook Kobo and various other sites that smashwords publishers to).  In general probably 80 to 90% of the downloads on Amazon but that varies by book and by promotion.

The first graph is a simple count of downloaded books that can be attributed to the promotion.  The second indicator is the number of free downloads per dollar – that allows quite a simple mechanism for comparing the different sites, and allows for easy charting.

I’ll be publishing these over several weeks and updating them in the future as you promotions are run I will keep the updates listed keep the updates listed, so keep an eye on the blog both updates and new sites. Happy advertising!



These statistics are based on my own promotions, and do not represent controlled experiments. They are an indication of what has worked, and hasn’t worked, for me. Results will vary for other people. Results will also change over time, and depending on how frequently you run promotions. These results are provided as is and do not represent recommendations or advice.

Please also remember that my books are science-fiction and fantasy, and so that results will vary if you publish in other genres.

Some results are also skewed where several promotions have been run close together. This is especially true when promotions were run after a Bookbub promotion, in many cases I haven’t entered any results at those times as the numbers are too difficult to estimate.