Graywalkers Kickstarter – Angels, Demons, Technology, Magic and far more


Heaven and Hell have collided with our world in a catastrophic event known as the Rupture.   The undead are rising, demons stalk the lands and magic is now a reality.  Our world still lives on in places though.  Gun wielding soldiers provide cover while spellcasters do their thing.  Then there is magetech, the fusion of magic with technology to produce even more powerful weaponry.


Every bit of it will be needed as the survivors seek the resources they need.  Surviving in a world containing areas where hell itself has merged with the earth and others where zombies hunt down the living is no easy feat… and that’s before having to face down other, hostile, groups of survivors.


That’s the world in which the Graywalkers game will be set.  The Dreamlords Digital team are running a kickstarter right now to raise enough funds to see the game through to completion.   If games aren’t your thing you should still check out their website at and page down to the World Information section.  The setting is amazing, and the concept art over on the kickstarter page is stunning.

If you are a gamer, especially one who’s into turn-based strategy, then you should really check out the game.  The list of influences includes some of my favourite games of all time – including the early XCom games and Mount & Blade.  From XCom (and other games) comes the turn based combat.  From Mount & Blade and other influences comes the idea of a world where your actions have a huge impact – your actions will have direct effects which in turn have knock on effects.

In Mount & Blade you could make or break other factions, not just directly but because weakening a faction would increase the chance of other factions attacking them.  It was a truly dynamic world and Graywalkers looks to be the same.

If this sounds like a game, and a world, which you can’t wait to experience then head over and back them on their kickstarter page.

One warning – as with all Kickstarter projects there is no guarantee the end product will be completed, and if not you won’t get a refund.  I think it’s well worth the risk though.

An indie author can write a book, cover the initial costs themselves and then seek an audience.  An indie game development team need a lot more capital up front to make a game, which is where Kickstarter comes in.  I’ve seen a few projects fail, but I’ve also seen some amazing games come to life which would never have stood a chance under the old big studio model.  Go on.  Take a look.

Now…I wonder if I can just get them to spell grey properly… 😉


  1. Russell

    Love the article. Just wanted to say thank you for the continued support.

    In our defense, Gray is actually an accepted spelling, least according to Wikipedia. LoL 🙂

    Thanks again and we’ll be sure to spread this article around.

    • Simon Goodson

      Couldn’t resist it. That said I sell a lot more books in the US than elsewhere so it’s probably my readers who tear their hair out over my UK spellings.

      I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, I really want to see this game made. The setting is amazing and it’s just the sort of game I love.


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