Here’s One I Dicatated Earlier

Well, the dictation seems to be working well — even when walking with the dogs through the fields. As long as no one is around to see me talking to myself! It’s not perfect, there’s too much background noise and I talk too quietly a lot of the time, but it’s worked pretty well, even if there are the occasional interruptions where I talk to the dogs.

In fact it’s worked so well, I have written, well spoken, two short stories already. These are short stories that would probably never have been written down otherwise. At best I might have made notes about them for the future, but now I get to write while walking. That means not only I can write significantly more stories than I have done so far. It means I get to write fun short stories as well as working on the novels, which are still fun but a lot more work. The short stories help keep my mind working and keep the ideas flowing.

They also give me a sense of accomplishment when I finish them, which is something which is quite hard to come by in a novel which may be 80,000 100,000 words or, in the case of Wanderer book 5, probably over 160,000.

So, here’s your chance to pick up one of the stories to have written. It hasn’t been fully edited and proofread, so it’s still quite raw, but it is fun, and I enjoyed writing it. I’d like to share it even in its (very!) raw state partly because it shows what is possible with dictation, and partly as a thank you to everyone who reads the blog or listens to my video updates.  It’s only in pdf format at the moment, and you can grab it here.

I’d love to hear what you think of it, please leave me comments and I will… okay, I’ll reply to them as soon as I get a chance, which is often a few days. Apologies for that, I do really appreciate all the comments I get, and read them as soon as they appear. Often I read them on my mobile, though, so I’m not able to post a reply immediately. And I’m not great at remembering to do things when I get home… which leads them to the delays sometimes. But I do enjoy reading the comments, and if I take a few days to reply it’s because I’m busy working on the new Wanderer book. Honestly!

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  1. Dennis Lee

    I thoroughly enjoyed “The Suit” I hope you build on this idea. It is definitely different than anything I have read before.

    • Simon Goodson

      Thanks Dennis. I’m thinking this won’t be the last we see of Samuel and the Suit.


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