How to Post Reviews on Goodreads

Figuring out how to leave a review on Goodreads can be tricky.  Once you know the process it’s easy, but for some reason they’ve made it really hard to figure out.  I’ve been asked by a few people how to do it, most recently by Bruce (one of my advanced reviewers for Wanderer – Origins), so I thought I’d post the details here.

First find the book on goodreads.  The search bar is your friend here!  Once there, you first need to rate the book.  That is done by clicking on the stars below the book cover…
Posting Goodreads Reviews Images_1

Once you have clicked on the number of stars you want to give (it’s worth hovering over to see what they mean – Goodreads uses a slightly different scale to Amazon) you get this message.  It’s not at all obvious, but you can click on the Write a Review text.
Posting Goodreads Reviews Images_2

If you’ve already set the number of stars don’t worry, you can just click on the appropriate star rating again and you should get the same option.  Now you should have the form up which allows you to enter your review and post it…

Posting Goodreads Reviews Images_3

And that’s it.  Happy reviewing!


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  1. Kendra Smith

    HI thank you so much for this – it was pretty tricky to figure it out. wonder why they make it so hard!


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