I Can’t Stop Writing!

glass84_SpaceshipI can’t stop writing!  Well, that’s a fairly normal statement for me anyway so let me refine it – I can’t stop writing short stories.  I think that it may be partly the freedom of being between novels, but in the past couple of weeks I have written…

  • Ghost Starship (Starflare Universe) — 14,600 words
  • Thought Crime — 740 words
  • Cheating Death — 1,950 words
  • Anti-Virus — 440 words
  • Fuel Pressure (Starflare Universe) — 1,700 words
  • The Scourge — 2,500 words
  • The Sacrifice — 1,400 words
  • The Hunter (Starflare Universe) — 2,500 words  (not finished yet)

That’s over 25,000 words and 8 stories, but it still doesn’t tell the whole story.  You see the list above isn’t exactly in order.  It can’t be.  I wrote half of The Hunter, then I broke off to write The Scourge – not because I was stuck on The Hunter, just because The Scourge was more immediate in my mind.

Then I had to get The Sacrifice down, thinking it would be no more than 300 words.  Well, I was only 1,100 out.  So now I need to return and finish The Hunter, preferably before I start another story.

The good news from this is that there will definitely be another book of short stories released sometime after Wanderer Book Four, possibly even before the end of the year.  I also have some special plans for some of the stories, but that’s not quite ready to be revealed… yet…

(The incredible picture above is the work of glass84 over on fiverr, an amazingly talented illustrator)




  1. Dennis Lee

    Not sure of the correct reply here but it would contain…..impressive, awesome, damn, wtg,

    • Simon Goodson

      Thanks Dennis!

      Sometimes I wish I could write like that all the time, but I quite enjoy having a family so it’s probably just as well I don’t!



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