I Need Your Reviews… the Ones You’ve Already Written

I’ve received some amazing reviews for my books and I really want to use snippets from them in advertising to spread the word even further.  There’s one snag though – they count as published work and enjoy copyright protection, which isn’t something I knew until fairly recently.  What that means is I need to get the reviewer’s permission before using part or all of the review.

And that’s where you all come in.  If you are happy for me to use your review then please either get in touch via the direct contact page, or post a reply below.  The information I need is:

  1. Your review – either a link to it or a copy / paste with a note to tell me if it came from Amazon, Goodreads or somewhere else.
  2. Some text along the following lines “I confirm that you may use all or part of my review with or without accreditation.”   That last bit is confirming I don’t need to give your details or a link back to your review.
  3. The name you’d like me to use if I do include a name – real names, partial real names or screen names are fine.

I think that’s everything, if you think of anything I missed then please let me know too, and thank you in advance to everyone who is kind enough to help.

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