Inspirational Videos – Neil Gaiman & Ian Rankin

I’ve just finished watching an amazing BBC show following Ian Rankin from the start of a new book to the end.  (Thanks Sue for telling me about it.)

What I found amazing were the similarities with how I write a book, and how I feel while writing it (and before I get flamed, no – I’m not in any way comparing my work to his!)  In particular the fact that he often has no idea where the story will end up as he’s writing, and how he feels about the book when halfway through.

While I’m posting links to inspirational videos I have to also include Neil Gaiman’s absolutely amazing speech.  If you don’t watch anything else this year, watch this.  I’ve seen posts from people saying they’ve watched it several times and I certainly plan to as well.

Neil Gaiman Speech

Ian Rankin Documentary (available till 25th December 2012)



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