Instant Aliens! A fascinating Kickstarter Project

InstantAliens_webI love the internet.  Sometimes you stumble across something that’s absolutely fascinating and stops you dead.  That happened to me tonight when I saw a link to Kickstarter project Instant Aliens.  As a SciFi writer there’s obviously a lot I can get out of this book, but I think that any SciFi fan will find it fascinating.  Who wouldn’t want to generate entire alien ecosystems?

I’ve recently finished reading the excellent What Does a Martian Look Like (The Science of Extraterrestrial Life) by Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen (grab it at or where they brilliantly make the case against seeing aliens that are slight variants on the humanoid form.  They present dozens of examples of completely bizarre creatures that exist right here on earth, and they also clearly lay out the difference between those evolutionary traits that can be expected to be seen how to purchase doxycycline online everywhere (e.g. flight) and those that are accidents of this planets evolutionary history.

So I was already clued in to the fact that aliens could be far more alien than we normally see, which is why Instant Aliens immediately caught my eye.  The tagline is…

Finally! An alien life creator that builds complete, plausible ecosystems from microbes up to plant, animal, and sapient species.

…which sounds amazing.  Best of all, you can back it for just $5 and get the pdf version.  The project is already fully funded, but some of the stretch goals look achievable and very interesting.  So if you want to create your own aliens head over and check out the Kickstarter now!

As always, please remember that Kickstarter doesn’t guarantee you will receive anything if a project fails.  Image courtesy of R. Pellius Cook.


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