January 2017 Update

Happy New Year!  It’s time for the start of January 2017 update! As always, there’s a video update if you’d rather watch, but I have to warn you that it contains disturbing scenes of English winter weather, and rain. A LOT of rain.

Here’s the main events from the past month…

1)  The proofread updates for Wanderer Book 2 are complete.

2)  The proofread updates for Wanderer Book 3 are complete.

3)  I’ve started on the re-read and polish of Wanderer book 1. I’ll do the same for books 2, 3 and 4 before returning to book 5 for the final self-edit.

4)  I’ve created a website page for Wanderer book 5. It’s not got much detail about the book yet, but it does have a roadmap showing all the steps needed to get the book published.

5)  To be clear – if you already own a book that I’m polishing and updating then you will get the new version completely free. I’ll send out details of how to make sure you get the latest versions when they are published.

6)  I’ve started on the story beats for Dark Soul 3, that is the key points and themes of the story. The next step will be to pull together a rough outline.

That’s it from me for this update. I hope to be reporting more great progress towards Wanderer Book 5 by next month.


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