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... except for falling asleep in the wee hours, I couldn't put it down.
LuAnn Gould, Amazon review
This novel is a brilliant example of the perfect sci-fi/space opera. Hard edged, but soft hearted, the bond between the ancient ship, Wanderer, and Jess is beautiful.
Cheryl Mackey, Amazon Review
Reading this book, and the two sequels took me back to my teen years, reading Lucky Starr, Isaac Asimov and so many other great adventures.
Richard Bequette, Amazon review
The battles were vivid, heartbreaking, and very well done.
DM3, Amazon review
In the end, I was gripping the arms of my chair as I rooted for the heroes.
JaxonD, amazon review

Wanderer’s Escape / Wanderer – Echoes of the Past

Jess was born a prisoner, grew up a prisoner and at sixteen knew he would die a prisoner. When his turn comes to try to break through the traps protecting a spaceship it seems his day to die has come. The ship, and others like it, have already claimed hundreds of prisoners’ lives.

Instead he manages to avoid the traps and gain access to the ship with two other prisoners, beginning a frantic flight to freedom. Soon Jess finds himself loose in a brutal universe ruled by the Empire and riddled with pirates, slave traders and worse. Can Jess manage to learn the rules of the universe and the capabilities of the ship he has stolen in time to stay alive?

Get Wanderer’s Escape, and the sequel Wanderer – Echoes of the Past, in your free book library!

Dark Soul Silenced – Part One

These vampires don’t sparkle. They hunt and kill, driven to evil by the raging darkness inside them. From the moment they feed on their first victim they are lost – but what if the darkness was destroyed before that happened? What would be left? Something not seen in thousands of years.

A chance encounter leaves Daniel in just that position. With no memories of who he once was, and powers he barely understands, can he survive in a world where all magical powers are viewed as a sign of darkness? Can he convince others that he is free from evil?

And is he? Has the darkness truly been purged from his soul? Or is it merely driven into hiding deep within, silenced for now but waiting to strike again?

Get part one of this gripping fantasy in your free book library!

Last Sunrise & Other Stories

Every day is the same for her. Every day is different. Every day she steps onto the same beach at the same place… but untold periods of time pass between each day she experiences. One day she finds a tropical paradise, the next a frozen wasteland, and then a lava filled hell. She never questions her life, it is what it is, but then comes the day when she discovers she is no longer alone… (Footsteps)

They say you always remember your first. Every moment. Every glance. Every touch. Everything that either of you said. And it’s true. I’ve never forgotten the first woman I slept with. Or the first person I killed. But then, they were both the same night, both in the same place…both were the same person. (First One)

When Angels return to the control room for the first time in over five hundred years they get a shock. Rather than reverting and losing the ability to create fire again, mankind has made immense leaps forward. Find out how the Angels react. (Everyone Out)

Thrown back in time to 1978 I find myself re-living decades of time. Knowing what is to come creates both opportunities and immense pain. (Déjà Vu)

Find these and many more stories in Last Sunrise & Other Stories, free in your book library.


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