Request Books from your Local Library

If you’d like to read my books from your local library (ebook or print book) then here are the ISBN codes they’ll need to order them in, all in a handy table.

Wanderer’s Odyssey

Wanderer’s Escape978-1-910586-00-6978-1-910586-11-2978-1-910586-44-0
Wanderer – Echoes of the Past978-1-910586-17-4978-1-910586-12-9978-1-910586-48-8
Wanderer – Tainted Universe978-1-910586-18-1978-1-910586-13-6978-1-910586-49-5
Wanderer – Origins978-1-910586-03-7978-1-910586-14-3978-1-910586-50-1
Wanderer – Extinction978-1-910586-07-5978-1-910586-15-0978-1-910586-51-8