May 2015 Roundup

General Updates & Competitions

Wanderer Book 4 – Self Editing Underway

“…Now, though, comes the best bit… today I picked up book four having had enough time to get some distance from it.  I’ve already read through the first four chapters and damn they’re exciting, even if I do say so myself…”


 Wanderer Book Four – Final Changes

“I’m making good progress on Book Four.  The final read-through is complete and I’ve applied about 70% of the changes…”


Wanderer Book Four Has Gone For Editing

Wanderer Book Four went to my editor (very) late Tuesday night!  For me this is one of the biggest milestones when publishing a book, allowing buy doxycycline nz someone else to see it for the first time.  I’m very happy with the story but I really can’t wait to hear what she has to say.  As long as it’s good…


Beta Readers and Advanced Reviewers for Wanderer Book Four

“I’ve been teasing about beta readers and advanced reviewers for a few weeks so hopefully some of you are champing at the bit to sign up…”


Book Reviews

Review of The Atomic Sea

“Right from the start this book grabs you with its description of a very different world, sailors on an ocean which will hideously mutate or kill them if they aren’t wearing full protective suits…”



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