New Books

(Last updated 1st June 2019)
All major projects currently underway but not yet published. Estimated dates will only be added when they are certain as dates can easily slip.

Wanderer Series

Wanderer Book Six

The next story in the Wanderer series is at the final stage for me – the printed edit, and that is more than 80% complete. After that’s done it will go to my editor.

Wanderer Book Seven

Some ideas are sloshing around in my head for this now. No more details yet… but it is coming!

Tagrale Series

Tagrale Book One

A completely new Space Opera series. Book one is currently being worked on by my editor. Once she’s finished it will go for proof reading, beta reading and then will be published!

Tagrale Book Two

Fully plotted and around 25% written. This is my primary creative focus now and I’m really enjoying it.

Tagrale Book Three

Ideas for this book are starting to slosh around in my head. Nothing’s set in stone yet but I have a feel for the flow of the book.

Hellfire Series

Hellfire Book One

A (nother) completely new Space Opera series. Completely finished from my side and in my editor’s queue, though third in that list currently. The aim is to have all three books in this series in place then release them all close together.

Hellfire Book Two

First draft complete. Next comes self-editing, automated checks and the rest before the final printed edit. Currently this one is on the backburner so I can focus on some other projects.

Hellfire Book Three

Fully plotted and part dictated. Also on hold for a while as I found I was trying to juggle too many projects at once, but I’m looking forward to getting back to it.