One Hundred Thousand!

There are now over one hundred thousand copies of my books in people’s hands.  That’s an incredible achievement in just over two years.  Thank you to everyone who has read the books, has left a review or has spread the word in any other way.  I couldn’t have got here without your help.

So how do the numbers breakdown?  Well I’ve been a little slow in posting this update and they’ve moved on a bit but this still gives a good indication…

Book Sales Free Total
Wanderer’s Escape 1,708 74,621 76,329
Wanderer – Echoes of the Past 5,763 0 5,673
Wanderer – Tainted Universe 4,182 0 4,182
Dark Soul Silenced – Part One 914 10,157 11,071
Dark Soul Silenced – Part Two 1,076 0 1,076
Last Sunrise & Other Stories 116 2,642 2,739
TOTAL 13,759 87,420 101,160

Needless to say, we celebrated reaching this milestone with a glass of red wine.  One of those that keeps filing itself.  🙂



  1. Frank MacDonald

    Aloha Mr. Goodson,
    I am about halfway through Wanderer’s Escaped and enjoying it a lot. I especially like the ability of the ship to morph itself at will, as well as watching Jess figure out life after a stunted upbringing as a prisoner.

    While reading I have noticed a number of grammatical and punctuation issues which could use improvement and are a distraction from your writing. Here are a few examples that are relatively close to each other in the first third of your book:

    He felt great though. (There should be a comma after great. There are numerous examples very similar to this one.)

    The ship’s lasers quickly shredded the shuttles minimal shields – shields designed to protect against impacts from stray rocks rather than high yield weaponry. (It should be shuttles’ with an apostrophe at the end because the word is both plural and possessive, and the use of the word shields twice with a – would be better served as ” minimal shields; ones designed to…”. I have found quite a few examples of the repetitive use of words which would read more smoothly with synonyms.)

    Next he needed to increase the amounts of rare metals available to the ship. (“Next” needs a comma after it, and “Amounts” should be singular since “metals” is plural.)

    I have done proofreading for couple of sci-fi authors over the past three+ years and presently work with one only. If you would like to consider using me for that purpose, please contact me at my personal email below and we can have a discussion about my abilities, references, and cost.

    I’m just an ordinary guy living on the Big Island of Hawaii that loves sci-fi and fixing prose.

    Frank MacDonald

    • Simon Goodson

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for getting in touch with those, I’ve dropped you an email about the proof reading.

      Apostrophes were a huge weak spot for me when I started writing, especially possessive plurals. I’m much more comfortable with them now (and even self-edit writing work emails) but it’s still an area I know needs careful checking.



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