Quick Update (Late November 2015)

A quick update as I’ve been quiet for a while.  Lots going on, and I’ll do a proper update soon.

Wanderer Book Five

I just cracked a slight block on this and managed about 1,400 words just on the way home.  More to come, and I’ve got a writing weekend in a few weeks when I should really be able to move it forward.

Wanderer’s Escape Audiobook

I’ve not been talking about this much (possibly at all) here, but this project is well underway.  In fact the narrator gave me the final version a few weeks back and I’m now working through reviewing it.  The deadline to be available for Christmas is Dec 4th which I think we’ll miss, but it will where to purchase doxycycline definitely be out early next year.   It’s more than worth the wait – the narrator has done an amazing job on it!

New Short Stories Collection

This has hit a slight hitch.  Specifically, after stepping away from it I printed out the latest version from my main PC and reviewed the whole thing.  Then I found that version was significantly behind the version on my laptop.  I’ve stopped banging my head on the wall and am trying to decide how to go forwards.  Most likely I’ll check what I found, put it down for an extra few weeks then review it all again.

That’s it for now – more details on Book 5 progress will be coming soon.



  1. Denise Buechele

    Origins is the best book so far. Please let me know when book is ready. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.

    • Simon Goodson

      Thanks Denise. I’m really pleased with Origins, I definitely feel it marks a step up in my abilities, and book five should continue that trend. 🙂



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