Review: Fred the Vampire Accountant

Or to give it it’s full title, a review of The Utterly Uninteresting & Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant.

I found out about this book through one of the book email lists I’m on. I remember scrolling down through two or three books that just didn’t interest me, then feeling an almost electric jolt when I saw the cover. I simply had to look at it…


Then I read the name of the book, and I knew I was hooked. This was something different, something really original, and something I had to learn more about. Reading the blurb only strengthened my need to read this book. If I remember rightly it was free as well, so it really was a no-brainer. I got the book and I read it, expecting something special.

Was I disappointed? Hell no! I loved the book. The writing was stylish and exciting, and the main character was someone who was easy to relate to despite his unique situation. After all, how many people on being turned into vampires continue to be semi-reclusive accountants so incapable of hurting anyone that they rely on blood from a blood bank to survive?

Life, or undeath, doesn’t stay so simple for the main character though, and he meets a variety of fantastic creatures who manage to both match and defy the stereotypical image of them. As if that isn’t enough, the author manages to weave some fantastically funny moments into the book too.

I can’t recommend this book enough, and I’m going to grab the next one. Go on, grab the book and find out just how exciting a vampire accountant’s life can be!  Find it at Amazon USAmazon UK or on the author’s site.

And in case you were wondering who would come up with such an unusual hero, here’s Drew himself…


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