Review of The Atomic Sea

Right from the start this book grabs you with its description of a very different world, sailors on an ocean which will hideously mutate or kill them if they aren’t wearing full protective suits.  Many of the creatures of the sea are ones we are familiar with, but horrifically deformed, and there’s a strong suggestion that things weren’t always that way which makes you want to know more.

The setting is both eerily familiar and wonderfully surreal, many of the technologies and devices suggest a setting in the late 20th century but then there is everything needed to survive in this harsh world.

As the story continues the creatures and setting are expanded on wonderfully, and yet they are just the background.  The main character is in some ways a classic tortured soul struggling against events in his past but he is portrayed with such finesse that it works perfectly.  Many of the characters he interacts with are larger than life, but again in a believable way.  Without giving anything away the plot drags him from the loss of a friend into a threat to his entire society, and drags you along too as the tension builds.

Overall a very good book and I’ll definitely be reading the next in the series.  Here are a few links for it…

Goodreads / Amazon US / Amazon UK


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