Scrivener – a great tool for authors

Over the last week or so my new novel started to feel a little out of control.  It currently has three main threads to the story and I was finding myself cutting and pasting sections around in OpenOffice Write, which is something that is a little scary to say the least – it would be far too easy to lose a chunk of the story.  While I do keep a backup of every stage of the story, putting it back together again is no fun.  I didn’t face this issue in Wanderer’s Escape as, without giving too much away, that story stays focused on a single person and what they are aware of at any given time.

So I found myself thinking of ways to solve the problem.  One option was to split the story into three documents, but that seemed messy and awkward to track.  At one point it crossed my mind that I needed something more than a word processor, but I didn’t follow it up.  I decided to soldier on with a single document for a while.

Then, completely by chance, I was reading a blog, or someone’s comments below a blog, and there was some discussion about Scrivener and how useful it is.  I’m can you buy doxycycline at walmart sorry, I really can’t remember which blog – I will try to track it down to give credit where it’s due.

It sounded great to me – the ability to work on different streams within the story and swap them around at ease especially.  I did some research (all right, I googled a bit) and the product really looked like the answer to my problems.  Once I’d confirmed that the license covered any PCs in the house (I work between my laptop and PC) and that switching work between the two caused no problems I jumped in with the free trial.

Within a couple of hours I had the entire new story transferred into Scrivener and was already hooked.  Soon after I stumped up for the license (very reasonable at just over £33 here in the UK thanks to VAT) and I’ve been happily using it for a couple of days now.

It’s early days yet so I can’t judge the more advanced features, or the various compile options to create files in a variety of eBook formats, but from the point of view of creating and staying in control of a story it is absolutely great.

For more information and the free trial see their website…

Scrivener Website


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