September 2015 Roundup

simonspaceshipcolor_web_medium2It’s the September 2015 Roundup – and this one is almost on time!  The biggest news is still that you can pre-order Wanderer – Origins on Kindle, Nook, iTunes & Kobo right now, and you’ll even get it cheaper than the release price!

There’s going to be a whole load of updates in this one – it’s been a busy month.

Writing Updates

Wanderer – Origins: First Paragraph Preview
(30th September 2015)
There’s just ten days to go till Wanderer – Origins hits the shops, so I’m going to provide a sneak peak at the first paragraph! SPOILER ALERT:  If you haven’t read the first three Wanderer books then what follows will contain spoilers!

Writing Progress Update – Late September 2015
(28th September 2015)
After several months of trying to get time and energy to do it, I’ve finally added a new menu item to the website called Current Progress.    It won’t replace these updates, but it will compliment them and will make it easier to see progress over time as I’ll keep the past two months or […]

Get Wanderer Origins a Week Early – Advanced Reviewer Slots Open
(27th September 2015)
Do you want to get your hands on Wanderer – Origins at least a week early?  It’s due out on the 10th October but I’m looking to give away some copies early in exchange for honest reviews to be posted on release date.

The Story of the Cover for Wanderer – Origins
(24th September 2015)
So far I’ve talked about the other images we considered when creating the cover for Wanderer – Origins, and the cover that almost was. Now it’s time to talk about the photo itself. First off, here it is – the original photo from which the cover image was created.

The Cover That Almost Was
(22nd September 2015)
The cover for Wanderer – Origins is now set in stone, and I love it, but the cover was nearly very different. For several weeks we had this working cover…

Wanderer – Origins, Alternate Covers
(21st September 2015)
A little insight into the cover design process.  Here are three of the images we went through on the way to creating the final cover…

Wanderer Origins – Cover Reveal
(13th September 2015)
Wanderer – Origins is less than four weeks away now!  That means it’s time to reveal the cover.  If I could have a drumroll… thankyou… the cover will be… this…

Wanderer Origins is less than six weeks away
(2nd September 2015)
I’ve had a busy two weeks on holiday purchase doxycycline online ending up with three days at the Insomnia 55 Gaming Festival – an amazing experience where I got to drool over a £10,000 gaming PC and try out the Occulus Rift VR technology.  I’ve been waiting for Virtual Reality to come of age, and finally it is… […]


Massive Wanderer – Origins Competition
(9th September 2015)
To celebrate the fact Wanderer – Origins is now less than six weeks ago I’ve got a massive competition for you with twelve prizes.  Yes TWELVE PRIZES!  Want to jump straight in?  head over to the competition page on Rafflecopter. Want to know what can you win, how to enter and what the conditions are?  […]


Three Years Published!
(20th September 2015)
Celebration! Yesterday was a very big day.  Three years ago, on the 19th September 2012, I published Last Sunrise.  It sold… about 30 copies by January, mostly to friends and family, but I was published.  Then came Wanderer’s Escape which was followed by the two Dark Soul books in the spring, and since then it’s […]

Wanderer Books 2 & 3 Price Drop
(19th September 2015)
Wanderer Origins is now just three weeks away, and to celebrate that the prices of the other books in the series have been slashed until 10th October! Here are the US and UK prices. Other regions have been cut by similar amounts…

Why Writing a Novel is Like Swimming a Mile
(18th September 2015)
While I’ve been able to swim a few lengths of a pool, kind of, for many years, I started taking swimming lessons nearly two years ago. It soon became apparent that my technique was awful and I’ve been steadily learning and improving ever since. One area I’ve really improved on in the past six months […]

August 2015 Roundup
(11th September 2015)
Late as always… but here’s the August roundup.  The biggest news is that you can pre-order Wanderer – Origins on Kindle, Nook, iTunes & Kobo right now, and you’ll even get it cheaper than the release price!


Book Review: Quantum Tangle by Chris Reher
(17th September 2015)
Update:  Sorry for the major problem with this page earlier.  I’ve fixed it and been reminded of the rule KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.  I’ll avoid using clever code from now on. I really enjoyed this book from start to finish. It was packed with clever ideas, excitement and great characters. The storyline was […]


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